The Dottie Hughes Fitness Park

 The Friendly Community Center is home to
The Dottie Hughes Fitness Park

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  • What is The Dottie Hughes Fitness Park?
    The Dottie Hughes Fitness Park is equipped with the LifeTrail Advanced Wellness System for adults. This exercise system is based on functional fitness, which focuses on building a body capable of doing real-life activities in real-life situations. Results include better posture, improved balance, greater flexibility, increased strength and more muscular endurance. Each station offers three levels of difficulty, allowing users to progress and their own level. Stations include:

    • Lower and upper body cycling
    • Push-up exercises
    • Overhead press
    • PNF stretching
    • Stair exercises
    • Squats
    • Wobble board
    • Standing stretches and yoga exercises
    • Hip lift and thigh squeeze
    • Shoulder stability and strength exercises
  • Where is it located?
    The Dottie Hughes Fitness Park is conveniently located right outside The Friendly Community Center.
  • Who can use it?
    Adults of all ages are welcome to exercise in the Dottie Hughes Fitness Park, any time of day.